100-Hour Complete TEFL Certification

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  • 10 Modules created especially for the online format
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Course Components

Teachers and Learners
An in-depth look at the roles and characteristics of teachers and learners and the dynamics of the relationship in the classroom.
About the Classroom
Everything you need to know about the classroom, including methodologies for instructions, feedback, error correction, and student management.
Language Awareness
Grammar is very important for new language learners. Brush up on the grammar basics and make your teaching more effective.
Teaching Language Awareness
Learn how to convey grammatical rules to your students, and start to think about grammar in a whole new way. With a good understanding of grammar, a student can multiply their command of English.
Teaching Speaking
Conversation skills, strategies, and tips for using the voice are all included in this chapter of the course.
Teaching Listening
Listening is obviously an important part of communication, but listening for new English speakers can be particularly challenging. We’ve put together the best tips and exercises to help you and your students develop these abilities.
Teaching Reading
The capacity to read allows one to self-educate. English more than any other language is especially prolific in written forms of advertising and the internet. Here, we show you great techniques to start your students on their reading adventures.
Teaching Writing
Writing is a contemplative, visual approach to language. Learn the seven writing skills and how to guide your students in their development with fun and fulfilling exercises.
Lesson Planning
The most valuable tool in a teacher’s kit is the ability to plan. With a plan, it’s possible to enter a classroom while feeling stress-free and then teach a useful and fun lesson.
The world is conspiring to assist you in your new teaching profession. Teachers are generally supportive and collaborative. In addition to textbooks, the internet is an easy way to connect with great people and ideas. We’ve collected some of the best information to help you find whatever else you need.
Depending on location, the words TEFL and TESOL can be used interchangeably to refer to teaching English language to non-native speakers.