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You have six months to successfully complete this course for your online TEFL certification. You may complete this course at your own schedule, at any time.

Each content module ends with a quiz or essay questions. You must complete these questions before you advance to the next module. If you do not pass a quiz or essay question, you have the opportunity to revise your answers until you are successful. Your online tutor has sole discretion as to the validity of your answers. Consult your tutor if you have questions.

Upon successfully completing the course, you will be issued a TEFL certificate.

Terms and conditions:

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  • It is your responsibility to ensure you have the level of English fluency necessary to complete the course and successfully teach English. If you are unsure of your level of English, contact the local TEFL school that referred you to the Online TEFL course, before paying for the course.
  • Online Course Group reserves the right to make appropriate decisions about refunds or extensions under exceptional circumstances.
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  • If the online tutor suspects the course or any of the course's activities are being completed by a person other than the student who registered for the course, the course may be terminated.
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  • Online Course Group provides a 100 hr TEFL certificate. Online Course Group cannot guarantee a job placement after completing the online TEFL course. Your local TEFL school might choose to support your employment efforts, but this is at their discretion and not the responsibility of Online Course Group.
  • By using the online course, you affirm that all information you have provided is accurate.
  • You are responsible for all access to your account, and all activities that take place on it.
  • Online Course Group reserves the right to change the content of the course without warning. The requirements for sections you have already completed will not be changed.
  • Online Course Group reserves the right to review and alter these terms and conditions. The requirements for your TEFL certificate will not be changed after you have agreed to these terms and conditions.